Cry for the Poor


If there is one thing i want to give for the Poor Kids all over the world, i will give them a gift of Education but only if i could. I just got to be very very rich just to do that, BUT i dont have to be very very rich to express my opinion about this picture.

How Lucky are we to have a very fun life, a very quick and easy lifestyle, we can buy whatever we want, we can certainly be whatever we want to be, and how about the kids whos parents doesn’t have enough money to send them to school? Sometimes we had not seen the pain in their eyes, sometimes we only think about ourselves without thinking about others and how they felt about it.

I always feel pity for the children who dont have the right degree of education, i should’ve been a millionaire so that i can bring the Half of it to the Children who needs it the most.
I don’t need money that much, but im contented of what i have, a penny, a dime, a looney, a Dollar, atleast i have something.
And there are OTHERS who doesn’t even care, as if you were the richest of all the richest, you know, we dont have to be blind, acting like it is so ignorant. Be contented of the kind of life you have.

I wish, if someone out there who can read my Article, a Billionaire or a Millionaire or Just a Simple person who is contented of his/her life, if there’s an opportunity to help this kids, Please try your best to do so. It’s not the money that counts, Good Deeds does. 😀


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