Dinner for the Fittest Day 1 (Quesidilla Voila)


It was a Quesidilla Night. Yeap, i eat this because i feel like i need Carbs and i feel like eating onions.
BUT! Dont you worry guys, because it has Salmon in it and lots of onions and Bell Pepper which is very healthy and hey hey, there’s no chicken or meat allowed this week, so that’s why i chose salmon instead. And for drinks, its either you’ll have Berry Juice (don’t forget to watch the Nutrition Facts, Should be Less in Sugar) Or you can have Water, atleast complete the 8-10 glasses a day.

Sorry if i have posted the ‘Dinner’ blog very Late, because i still have my work which ended at 10 pm already. Any Questions, Suggestions and Requests is one of my concerns that’s why i’ll be happy if you comment down below. 🙂
I’ll see you on my Meals for the Fittest Day 2 tomorrow. Byeee 🙂


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