Lunch for the Fittest Day 1 (Apples and Yogurt)

Lunch for the Fittest Day 1 (Apples and Yogurt)

so, as promise this is my Lunch for today. just Apples and Oikos yogurt.
i choose Oikos of all yogurts because aside from the fact that my Mom bought it, so i have clearly no choice, it’s really refreshing and healthy, it is less sugar and less carbs, But more of nutrients which is best for your tummy and also it has peach mango bits at the very bottom so its really good.
i Chose apples of all the Fruits because apples feels heavy once you eat it, so you wont feel hungry until the snack time comes.
i sliced the apple, just enough for me to dip it in the yogurt, and also a glass of water ofcourse πŸ™‚

Staytune again for the Dinner Recipe.
if you haven’t read my Breakfast for the Fittest Day 1, here’s the link

just comment below if you have questions or something that i might Help πŸ™‚


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