If i Stay Movie Trailer

it was great! it was really great to see Chloe Grace Moretz in another unforgettable movie of the year. my Goodness! how did this girl become so amaziing.! she’s gorgeous and everything, well, this is just another movie to watch, still TFIOS (the fault in our stars) is still on the line, so i have to wait for it to show before watching this one, and you can expect from me a lot of ‘talkings’. but i totally promise, after i watch TFIOS, i’ll watch this movie as soon as i finish everything!

im sorry guys, i can’t do any reviews right now or updates bcoz i am busy looking for a job. πŸ˜€ but then, since it was nice sharing with you guys something that is interesting, i chose to spend the spare 5 minutes of my time to inform you about this movie, in case you didin’t know that THIS Girl is having her movie. and this was based on the novel. “D


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