Cross Body Sling Bag Ideas For Travelling


Hello.! Im currently here in Manila, Philippines together with my Family. And i got this idea to share with you guys what i usually brought with me whenever we go on a vacation or attending seminars, etc.

This is my Bag, its a Kipling bag, Pink Rose Color, it was given to me by my aunt during hee Thailand invasion. It has 4 Zipper Pockets and the main Zipper contains 3 divisions.


So that’s the look, i’ll explain to you each what i brought so i can give you some Ideas.


On the very first division, you can see there my Wallets. I have the Pink one for my Money and the other Black one for my Receipts, Cards, ID, and keys.
Its important to seperate the receipts and Money Wallet So that you wont get confuse when the “Hurry Times” come.

Aside from Wallets, i have my Comb, my Toothbrush and Phone Charger. I have to bring with me my Comb since we’ll travel by air and Land so just to keep it from tangling. Yes, i bring toothbrush on my carry on because you never know when to need this one since i dont like much Menthol Gums. And the last thing its important, your phone charger, you can’t just travel without bringing it with you or you’ll cry like so haarrdd.


On my 2nd Division, my Kobo eReader occupies it all. I bring this because i sometimes get bored in the plane or in the hotel atleast i have something comfortable with on my bag.


3rd division is for essentials place. I habe there my Shades (Aldo), eReader Charger and Dental Floss ( that haven’t yet opened). It’s really great to have this things with you because those are essentials and those are the best in times of trouble especially the dental floss.


Last but not the least, the Small pocket on the front of my bag. It has my Ipod Nano, L’oreal Lip Shiner, Maybelline Baby Lips (Neon Rose), Maybelline Powder, Chapstick. This are for my retouch and for my Lips to make sure not to get dry.

When your travelling always make sure that you check your Luggage/s more than Twice to ensure that everything was fine and nothings going wrong. And also make sure that you’re Carry on/Cross body Bag/ Sling Bag is a little big to handle allyour necessities and needs. Because as what i’ve always say, you may never know when you’re gonna need it.


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