Endless Love |Movie Review

“Our love is strong, it never dies, it never fades, it never loses its electricity…”
it’s about Love, a love never you never knew existed in Real World and I just can’t believe that it does.
Since it’s summer I Organized to watch this movie since I thought it would be better to be tucked into your bed with your laptop on.
If your seeking to watch a movie but don’t know what kind of movie yet, well I would highly recommend this to you.
The story was really a great one and I wonder if it’s a novel or what because if it is then probably I would surely be grateful to read and have a review about it.

The Reaction: (you can’t read this part if you haven’t watched it yet)

The Father was really overprotective which pisses me a lot more as I go through the story. Why is he so very manipulative though he even have his own mistakes. He cheats, he lies and he is selfish, he never knows how to Love. I really feel pity towards the Mother because she exactly knows her daughters feelings, which is really what exactly mom’s should be (My Mom is like that, she’s like an oracle or something). Everyone was really trapped by their past. David has his own past and was feel ashamed to talk about it, his dad can’t get out of his past and got stuck when his Son Christopher died of cancer. God, when david walked away, I thought he would drop the Love just like that, if jade didn’t got into an accident he would never catch her. Seriously, it was so pathetic. And it was really awkward when jade and david’s fathers finally met each other, it’s so awkward that I feel like im part of the cast, you know that feeling when you watch a movie and you feel exactly how it should supposed to be felt, Gawwd, this is what I like about movies.

Anyways, all in all, im telling you this movie is great that I already watched it for the 2nd time already since I watched it during the Holy Friday with my cousins but I haven’t understand a thing so I have to repeat it again. Gawwd! The Movie rocks that I really can’t talk more about it. 😀

as I re-watch the trailer I have noticed that there are some scenes that has been cut on the exact movie, Gawwd, how could they do such a thing. 😐


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