Pacquiao Brought home the Belt


its not too late for the Philippines to have the thrown omce again. yey! Team Pacquiao all the way! Pacquiao won again,bringing home the Bacon and making hundreds of thousands of Filipinos supporting him.
he never fails tonamuse millionsnof people that’s why Manny is considered one of the most popular Boxer on his generation. after losing 2 fights before, almost made us Filipinos feel like wanting manny to retire, of all the money and strength he had, he brought enough pride for the country, enough for him to have some rest, but he didn’t instead he continued fighting and just proving the Filipino Spirit.
Big Thanks to Jessica Sanchez who sang the Filipino anthem, who was also criticized by the way she sang it. too mich powerful and too mucb Slang words. but we can’t blame her since she grew up in states and not used in Tagalog Words/Filipino words its enough that she have pronounced it well. Jessica, wherever you are, you’ve made us proud either. hahahaha.

Fight for the win!!


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