I received a Notification from the WordPress and im really excited because they told me that my Blog is having the perfect average of views Hourly, which means that my Blog is accelerating or upgrading this time! Yey! I so love wordpressing πŸ™‚
Anyways, you can expect a lot of things from my Blog this week, i’ll be having my Holy Week Special, Reviews, and Blog Posts. Since ill be away for like 3 or 4 days coz im going to my Dads town to have vacation and ill spend the rest of holy week there. I’ll still do the Blogging dont worry, anyways i have figure out doing Vlog and how to posy it here in wordpress since i was very eager to know how. And also ill Celebrate my 1st year here in wordpress so everything must be so fun and exciting.
Thatssss alll my Announcements are. Thank you for Reading Guys, and hey Hapoy 116th Followers to Me! Love love.

Instagram: clarissegallardo
Twitter: clarblissgala


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