Top 3 Movies you’ll gonna love too |The Admin

Movies. Who doesn’t like watching movies? Even grandparents do watch them huh. And yeap, it was like the best you could ever do when your alone. But if you were asked, WHAT IS YOUR TOP 3 BEST MOVIE LIST? Here’s mine…

1st Movie Goes to..




-i like this movie a lot! Like i can’t resist watching it Full Time. I watched it like more than 25 times i guess and it’s really cool i just can’t get enough about it. The first time i watched it, i was like “this movie is not my kind of movie” but my instincts just say, “no, just keep it playing, you’ll like it” and the instinct was right! The adventures of this epic friends were totally crazy and full of fun. Image

2nd Movie Goes to…


             -its the most scariest movie i have ever watched. It scared me most rather than the conjuring. For me, what made the movie conjuring scary is that it really was based on true story unlike in insidious it was all came from the person who have the brightest idea to come up a movie that you’ll never know could exist. Just imagine how intellegent they are in making movies like this. Even me who writes stories a lot couldn’t even come up with this kind of storyboard. And the thing is that they have the best crew ever! From the music to prosthetics that they use was absolutely scary which made me cover my ears and my eyes everytime i feel like there’s something scary that will come out



3rd Movie Goes to…

“I know what you did last summer”

          -seriously, this movie was to the max that i can’t get enough with it. The story was a superb that i can’t resist watching it a lot.

So there are 2 parts of this movie but i like the first one because it is really mystery and scary. I just hate their guy friend, i don’t like him, he did panic a lot and he boast a lot after that, it just makes me feel bad that the handsome guy has something to do with it. But all in all, the movie was really great infact it was listed on my must-see movies, but i don’t think if i had made a review for it but yeap it’s good 😀


How about you?? What is your Top 3 movies you can’t resist watching.? Do the Blog and Link it on the comment box below and hey hooo, we can exchange movies yea? Hahaha 😀 ciao. 



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