Im a book geek so i consider novels as my great escape in life. It is where i was able to go out in the reality just for the mean time. Books means a lot to me that eventhough ebooks were now popular, i would still find a way to buy a hardbound and real books for me to read.

If i were being asked what were the top 3 Books i read and the best books i ever read, well this is my answer…


1st Book…


-yeap, i even collected the whole series. Like from lightning thief until mark of athena, although from the lost hero up to mark of athena is just a sequel it is still part of heroes of olympus and percy jackson and annabeth were still part of the story. Anyways, i was happy to let you know guys that i didn’t download them all, yes, i saved a lot of money just to collect the hardbounds of this book series.

What made me read this book, is that the story is unique. I always like Fiction stories and when i was able to look at Percy Jackson Movie Trailer, i was like “Oh My God that’s a very good story” but when i found out that it was based on a novel, “ok, i gotta go to the bookstore now and i go buy the whole series”. I just feel excited that when i bought them all for the first time, i didn’t finished reading the Mockingjay. Percy jackson really made me love to read more. The story was all epic and very exciting.


2nd Book…

“The Fault In our Stars”

-who doesn’t like TFIOS?! Oh my  God! That was like one of the best love stories i have ever read aside from nicholas’ sparks novels. You don’t expect the ending would be that sad and terrible, i can feel my tears falling as i read the last part on the letter part to be specific but i was just like, keep holding it, don’t burst in tears, not in the Public. TFIOS was really the talk of the town that even if a person has no idea who wrote it would come alive if they started reading the first chapter. The story was really interesting because it just made the people especially the teenagers to have hope in them because no matter what happens, there is still faith in love, everyone should believe in love though they suffer from a different sickness. I think i made a book review of it, that would define how excited i was to share it with you guys right after i have finished reading it.


3rd Book…


-the story is very funny. Very epic and you just can feel like you’re in the cast, because everytime i read a shopaholic series i always like “what the hell? Just stop shopping and try to list down all your expenses”. It’s really good to read when your emotionally attached in what you read, you can feel all the pressure, the fun, the  love, the laughter, i can even sometimes see me self smile if i have read the funniest part ever! I wasn’t able to read the 2nd to the last book of this series but i am sure that i made a Book Review of Shopaholic and Sister which is so far the latest book i read on this series. It was the funniest and the most exciting because finally rebecca bloomwood was pregnant, so i must make myself posting.



So that was it for my Top 3 Books! It was the best of the books i have ever read so far. There are few books that i have read that is really great too, but for now, this are the books i had a hard time to forget especially the TFIOS, it always stays in my heart i just can’t forget the story its very superb. But anyways guys, i Promise you that i’ll make more Book Reviews so i can share a lot of novels with you guys. For now, im still reading a book, its a novel and i can’t reveal to you the title and the author yet but i’ll do reviews for it and i’ll just give you a clue, it’s a Mystery Story, it was like Suspense book. So make sure to stay tune on my website for more Book and Movie Reviews and also some other stuffs im doing this summer. 😀 keep calm guys, and enjoy the summer heat 😀 mwua.




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