Q&A with the Admin (

Q&A with the Admin (

I have received a lot of crazy questions just this month, and i think it’s worth the post it’s been a long time since the last time i had Q&A šŸ™‚
(i chose not to reveal any persons identity)

*what do you think about harry styles having his 3rd nipple?
-thats crazy! Well i dont know. Its cool i guess. Im not a 1D Fan (which just makes me weird) so i think it’s great!

*why do you think guys have Penis and girls dont have it instead?
-i dont know! Maybe because girls are contented with their vaginas, and it’s weird for us girls to have both penis and vagina. Haha

*if you wanted to be interviewed by any hollywood hosts, who it would be and why?
– the great Ellen! Because she’s funny and great to talk with, i use to watch her show and im loving it.

*why do you think Guitars were called Guitar?
-i dont know! Maybe because the inventor was named “Guitar” too, or maybe because it also wants to be called Guitar.

*if you were being Stalked by a Celebrity? Who would it be and why?
-Justin Bieber and Zac Efron. Its obvious their hot. It’s cool to be stalked by some hot guys. šŸ˜€
*if you think being asian is cool, why is it so?
– because their are few things that asians can do and others cannot.

*the moment you hated yourself.
– everytime i embarrass myself and everytime i burn my tongue by drinking Hot Liquids, which i prepared for myself also. Goddamn it!

*where do you think Miley should go
– she doesn’t have to go anywhere, i know she’s happy now ad she’s comfortable in whatever she’s doing, so just let her be.

*what do you usually do when you have problems?
-stand in the doorway and just stand their until i got tired.

*some people thinks that Blogging is weird? Do you think that too?
– NO! For me it’s about having FUN.

*what made you put up your own blog?
-because, there comes a time, that i couldn’t express my feelings by using a paper anymore. So i need to find a way to express my feelings but not in the paper. I found it through BLOGGING.

THATS IT! 11 questions answered by yours truly. šŸ˜€


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