Graduation (Movie Review)

Graduation! About Millions of students were having their Graduations this month or next month. And through that idea was able to find a movie about Graduations.
I don’t know when this movie came up in cinemas but the story was well projected. It’s about Friendship, Love, and Braveness.
4 friends longing for just one Goal, that is to help Carl’s (one of the friends) mom who was i think have this cancer. So in able to help mrs. Jones, this girl named Polly got a very Dangerous Plan, that is to Rob a Bank where her father works.
There’s a lot of thrill in the movie and my fingers and forehead got a little bit sweaty in the near ending which is the Climax of the story. My hands were trembling that i just wanted to shout, but its weird to shout while your facing your laptop.
But anyways, the movie was obviously great. I wont recommend it that much but it gives everybody a lesson. A lesson that would teach us how to be brave, be bold, and be Wise ofcourse.


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