Who doesn’t like SUMMER??!! You better not continue to Read my Blog if you don’t like SUMMER!
We’ve been waiting for this season. It’s more like Christmas, but Summer is a little bit more Fun because, we can finally wear our Bathing Suits! Now, who doesn’ t wear swimsuits? Huh? Who doesn’t!? :p
Anyways, Summer, a lot of summer outfits, and summer looks, and summer escapades to be done and it takes a lot more energy and effort to begin with. In my case i was a little bit excited for summer because i was able to do some Driving Lessons, and i was able to bond more with my friends, and im planning to have this huge Reunion with my Highschool friends, which i wish will turn out so good and fun.
Summer, doesn’t make sense if you don’t go to the beach or swimming pools, so in my case, me and my cousins plans to have a pool party, just us without our parents around, and after that we will have this Bar Hopping. Its so cool to have cousins that are cool šŸ™‚
I just wish it would turn out Fun and Memorable.
So that are my Plans. How about your Plans?? Haven’t Figured it out yet?? Okaay, just let me help you by thinking about it one at a time.

First try to figure out something that you think is Fun.
If you think Airplanes are Fun, then maybe you need a vacation trip with your friends or with your cousins. If you don’t have the money, then don’t let me problem it, just borrow some to your mom (KIDDING).
Anyways, if your the type of girl/boy who likes beaches and pools something like that, well i guess you have to spend a lot of time in your closet because you are going to hunt your most fancy bathing suits and go to the most adventurous beach in your town. But remember, don’t go there ALONE! You’ll look like a fool.
If you think Partying is fun, then try to attend every invitations you receive. If you haven’t received any, then why don’t you put your own party? It’s not only them who can organize a party. Duhh.
If you like just staying at home and just hate the heat of the sun, to make it Fun. Why don’t you just watch comedy movies or romantic comedies, anything that you think is FUN because you can’t waste a second in just by sitting and do nothing. Reading is also another option in this kind of situation, atleast you were able to gain a lot more knowledge šŸ™‚
If you like shopping, you can definitely do it as long as you’ve got enough money just for shopping for the whole month. But also, be careful, it’s not because you have the money you’ll spend everything.
If you think being Weird is Fun, then i can do Nothing about it! šŸ˜€ Thank you.

If you wanted me to help you about organizing your Summer Plans or anything like that, i’ll be there right a way just COMMENT below, ask and read šŸ˜€

sorry if i keep on saying FUN, it’s just that i think it’s the best word to describe SUMMER. šŸ˜€


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