Whats On My Phone? (All Labeled!)

I got like 35% of request about this so i am indeed excited talking about my Phone. πŸ˜€
First of all i have Samsung Grand Duos. I dont know if its available in some other countries but im loving my phone sorry. πŸ™‚
Yes, i dont use iPhone because the Phone im currently using is a gift from my Daddy and he is not a fan of iPhone. So…. lets get Staarrrtteeedd!! πŸ˜€


This is the welcome mode of my phone. I got my wallpaper in WeHeartit, its a very cool app which i will show you later on. At the Bottom i have the Phone, Contacts, Messages and Menu. Its the usual look of Samsung which means i dont use any Launcher because its annoying and it Lags my Phone like the whole time.


When you click the Menu, you’ll see some of my Downloaded and Built-in apps, i’ll explain each starting at the very top.
*Games Folder
*Photography Folder
*Web Folder
*Bluff Folder
*Mp3 Player
*File Folder
*Music Player
*Play Store
*Voice recorder
-woooh! Thats a lot. Well i’ll explain every Folder Right after this.


GAMES FOLDER. Im not a player kind of person so i only have very little Game apps. I have…
*Hill Climbing
*Text Twist
*Dr  Driving( which i play a lot)
*Moy Restaurant
*Dumb Ways to Die.


PHOTOGRAPHY FOLDER. So this is my most used Folder Aside from Bluff and Web. This Folder contains my most loved apps. I have…
*pic collage


WEB FOLDER. It contains my Oxygen in Life so i sincerely and seriously need this.
*google chrome


BLUFF FOLDER. It contains some of my educational apps but some were just other extras.
*Psych Drugs
*Merriam dictionary
*G-Strings Guitar Tuner
*Physio App ( i forgot the whole name)


When you slide next, you’ll some of my Apps which are…
*Google play
*play magazine
*Anatomy app(forgot the name again)
*Samsung Link
*AVG anti virus
*Google Settings
*MD scanner lite
*Samsung apps
*easy recorder

^i never know i have a lot of apps until i made this Blog. But anyways people, i enjoyed doing this, i hope i have entertained you or anything. Gawwd. I wish you can upload Video here in WordPress aside from Pasting Link. But anyways thanks Guys.


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