The Black Cross ( Ash Wednesday)

Its Wednesday and We Catholics now celebrates Ash Wednesday where we Put Something Black like Coal on our Forehead. It was part of our culture as Filipino Catholics to have this celebration held every once a year.
Among all the Catholics, there are still few people who doesn’t understand the true meaning of the Blac Cross on their foreheads. While Listening to the Ceremony in one of the Famous Churches here in Iloilo, the meaning of the cross is for renewal of our spirits and also to remind us where we came from. We sometimes tend to forget who the God is that we almost Treat and See ourselves like Above God. We all came from th same Flesh, the Same Blood, we sometimes forgot to be humble and be selfish. It is the time where we should renew ourselves and be Productive and Helpful.
I am Glad to Know about this. The Ceremony was Full of Learnings and Realization. πŸ™‚


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