The Piece Of Beauty.


I GO HOME EVERY WEEKEND. and what i always bring with me is This! Or i might Cry if i wont see any of this on my Purse. Hahaha. Well, every girls rules.

*Kojie San Toner+Cleanser- would you believe that! Toner and cleanser in one. And thats how powerful Kojie San is. šŸ˜€ well it really fixes all my Bad Face Days which made me love it. I put it First Before everything.

*Kojie San Cream- i used to put it day and night. I sometimes use it more often in Day than Night because you can wear Make Up after putting this.

*Shawill Concealer- this is to conceal every WRONGNESS i got on my face. I love concealers, they’re so useful.

*Pretty Simple Face Powder- its on beige and im loving it too. It looks natural and it feels definitely soft.

*Maybelline Cheeky Glow- Blush it all on. Redish! I so love it. It glows everything into pink. And im using it with my portable Brush, its the Browny case one. It’s very hippy to bring it with you anytime.

*Eyeliner- i put eyeliner everytime i wear make up, because it looks really bold and i look like im not stressed or haggard. If im not wearing Eyeliner, its either i woke up late or im just really Lazy.

*Mascarra- i curl my eyelashes first and i roll it with mascarra. This the fun and scariest part i think because sometimes i feel heavy if i didn’t put it finely and fair.

*Baby Lips or Mary Kay- on this day, i decided to bring only two lip accs and i picked Baby Lips (pink peony) and Mary Kay on its bronzey type of color which is so natural.

Yeap. No violent Reactions. What?


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