Buying Online: Safe or Not?!

eBay, Zalora, Kindle and a lot more online businesses that sells a lot of things that a Person, especially Girls is loving to buy.

I love facebook and Twitter and Instagram, but you cannot avoid a lot of advertising when Scrolling down your page or wall, and i admit it that even me is tempted to buy one but there was this question that i keep on asking to myself, is it Safe or Not?

I tried Googling about results and lots of them turned out to be Safe, some says that it depends on the site you were going to which enlightens me because finally i can try to buy something from the cyberworld. But then again, as i scroll down reading some comments, there was this girl who said that she don’t know whether to be positive or negative for it because she’s a cyberworld victim, which means that she ones tried buying Gadget online, after all the discussion and more informations they already closed the deal and the seller ask to pay first before sending the gadget to her, the girl was really in hurry to send the money to the seller, sending him around 25,000 pesos, but 2 days after, there’s no gadget came in the mail or even week after it. Several weeks after she tried calling and texting her seller but she got no response. The sad part is, months after, even the police hardly know or caught this guy.

This is just one of the negative situations i have read, but i swear their are lots of positive also. Maybe it just depends on what site you’re going to, and also try to communicate to your seller now and then, and as of what i have observed, don’t just Text them call them!

If this situation happened to you, try to seek Help from the site itself because their are several people entertaining things about this. It just so weird right?? People would just act very criminal just to have money. It’s not the way a normal human should act. You can earn money in many ways, but not in a way like this, you don’t have to bribe anything,

But for me, Personal buying is still the best, atleast you were able to try it before paying for it, does it work well? Or did it reach the comfort you were seeking for? Because one of the things cyberworld businesses rules is that “no exchange policy” which pisses me a lot.


Safety First! Buy Safely People πŸ˜€


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