A Thousand Peso Shopping Spree


Who would have thought that i spent 1,000 pesos or 25 Dollars on this things?? This is just a Normal or personal things you can see every Girls can bought. To think that money is already my 1 week allowanve and this is all i can buy.

*Novel Book- which cost me 400 pesos. Not normal girls bought books, but there are some who were obssesed of it, just like me. So i have to spend my 2-day-allowance just to buy a book.

*Make Up Cleanser tissues – i spent 120 pesos for this. Its every girl should have i think, because you know, mascarra and eyeliner issues, you can’t just wash it with soap.

*Cotton Pads(Square)- this is like 50 pesos, i used to have the round ones but it seems like there is no available so i have to find a new ones.

*Pretty Simple Face Powder- yeap, i spend 100 pesos for this because its worth it. 🙂

*Kojie Face Cream- 120 pesos. Yes. That much for a cream. Well it effects really incredible it does whitens your face so its worth the buy anyways.

*Kojie Acid Soap- i dont know what is about Acid Soaps but yeah i spend 50 pesos for it. 🙂 Kojie products is worth it. Or sometimes i spend 103 pesos just for the bar which last for 3 months. This 50 peso Bar only lasts for like 3 weeks.

*Celeteque Facial Wash- i spent 96 pesos for this thing which i only used for the first time, i dont know if its worth the buy yet but i used it last night and its good, it feels like it doesn’t contain any compound of alcohol.

^so thats it! You can’t buy much with 1,000 peso bill nowadays. Some students would intend to spend it with foods or just keep it and spend it until the right time comes, but for me, it feels like every penny should be spent, what is the use of money if you’ll just keep it there and you know just be there forever, that is if your single and student. 🙂
Anyways, i dont spend like this every week, just when i have too much money and i feel like buying, but ofcourse its still nice to set aside things and like thinking before buying it. I call it Wise-Spending 🙂

Hapoy Wise Spending guys 🙂


One thought on “A Thousand Peso Shopping Spree

  1. When I was a boy my mother would send me to a corner store with 1 peso. I’d come back with 5 potatoes, 2 loaves of bread, 3 bottles of milk, a hunk of cheese, a box of tea and 6 eggs. You can’t do that now. Too many fuckin cameras.

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