A thousand peso shop Spree


I have challenged myself for having 1 thousand peso and spend it at the mall and this are the things i bought.

*Book – i first entered the bookstore and found this very lovy book which i bought for 400 pesos. The book was really interesting and unique because it is scary and somethin horror.

*Pretty Simple Face Powder – this is the first thing i think of buying whenever i have extra money because its important to me. I bought it for 99 pesos.

*Celeteque Facial Wash – this is the first time i’ll ever try using this thing so i wont speak much about it, but yeah i think it’s great. I bought it for 96 Pesos.

*Kojie Cream – i use this for like months already, and i can seriously see the results, it does lightens your skin and it blemishes everything. Its price is 120 pesos

*Kojie Soap – its an acid soap which is really strong and effective, used it like months ago and until now it still effects on me and still improving, bought it for like 50 pesos which lasts for like 2-3 weeks.

*square cottons – which i use when i apply toner/cleanser everyday. I use to have the round ones but i haven’t seen one when i went to the drugstore so i think square ones would do. I have it for 48 pesos only.

*Make up Cleansing tissues – since mascarra’s and eyeliners are hard to let go, haha, i just use cleansing tissues. It’s cool and super dooper smelly, everything is like scented and hypo allergenic. I bought for 120 pesos.

For a total of 1,000 pesos. Plus my transportation and everything.
You can’t buy kuch of 1,000 pesos now adays. Its like you weren’t even aware that you already spent that much. Things weren’t as the same as before. Tsk3x.
Anyways, i still love doing things like this.


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