February Photo Challenge Day 3 (MCM)


MCM means= Man Crush Monday 🙂

1st Crush: Logan Lerman. He is very cute and he’s Hot. You know that feeling that he is too hot to be ignored. I first saw him on the movie Percy Jackson. And he is the reason why i have this addiction in percy jackson books. Rick Riordan must thank him a lot. 😀

2nd Crush: Josh Hutcherson. I dont like him before! Even when the Hunger Games first movie begun, i really dont like him on that time. It was like a guy so secretive, but when catching fire started, he was like a “HotStar”! Soo worth to watch to. And i think i liked him because he was peeta there, i just wish peeta does exist. *Sigh*

3rd Crush: Justin Bieber. Yeap! I dont Care!! Judge him, Judge me for liking him, but whatever guys, nothing can judge my love to him! He’s very awesome, and i so like him because he helps others, he was the only person i knew who could travel here i  Philippines just to see if were okay and give us help. Is that what you call wasted?? Atleast he did a lot of effort unlike to other celebrities who doesn’t care Much, i hope they go down. 🙂

Anyways, well thats it. Hope i can talk more about them or about Justin bieber?? I guess?? But the topic isn’t just about him. 🙂
How about you?? Who’s the one??


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