Starters by Lissa Price (Book Review)


I bought this book for like 2 weeks ago. The first i ever saw this and read the synopsis i was like “im gonna save some money and buy this book” and luckily, just out of my determination, i was able to bought it 3 days after.
so i finished thia after 2 weeks, yes, i am that slow because i got a lot of school works, sorry for that. And i was like “Fuck the whaat??” The story is so amazing and unique. I really recommend this to people who likes science a lot, who likes tragic, action, drama, everything. The story was perfect, i just could imagine that happening to us, hundreds of years after, its not a prediction just a guess, but anyways, i knew it, i knew it Helena is the Good Woman, i know she wont do it on purpose, she just wants to find her grand daughter, its like sacrificing for someone you love. I just hate the Blake-thing after prime destinations was demolished, i wish he could remember everything. But for now, since i wasnt yet able to read Enders or the Book 2, i can’t say i give my full trust to senator harrison or the old man. I just dont know who to trust since Callie already faced a lot of pretending people.

The Book is a must-read. You deserve to have a break and read it because its not a waste of time. I recommend this to everybody, the book is gorgeous. I love Callie! :]


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