Which Is Which?????


So im an ordinary student, with very ordinary life. And as a Ordinary Human, i dont care much about specialities sometimes. But if i were asked which of this four comes first i would choose Sleep. Yes. Im serious. I choose Sleep because im Lack of it right now, ive been staying awake for like 20 hours and i only slept for a very short time. Ughhh.
SECOND would be Food, Gaah its too nice to wake up with your refrigerator full of food!! Its Like hEaven, especially if its your cheat day. Haha
THIRD would be, Yes, Water! Hahaha. Water because you cant get Full without it. 🙂
And the Last one is Love. I do believe in the saying ” save yhe best for last ” i guess that explains everyting.
How About You!!!!??????
Which would come first??? Hahaha. Comment below, or link to me your post!.


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