Things Students’GIRLS’ have inside their bags. (College Edition)

Things Students'GIRLS' have inside their bags. (College Edition)

As for me, this are the most things i carry with my bag. sorry i dont have the Full view of my Bag but its green and it’s HeartString edition, so its cool, by the way, im not a fan of color green, i just think it would fit my personality sometimes. šŸ™‚
if you can Zoom in the picture you can see there some of my stuffs which i bring with me throughout the day.
1st- MINI NOTEBOOK (i love this thing because it’s very tiny and it is colorful. i can write short memos in there which is very useful to me because i use to have this very short memory that sometimes i forget tiny little thing, unusual right.)
2nd- KOBO eREADER (thats the pink one, well, it’s vey useful and fun to bring with because you know how eReaders would work and it just brings light to my boring world,)
3rd- MAKE UP CLEANSER WIPES ( i used to go to the gym after my classes so obviously before i get my body work i have to remove all the make ups especially on the eye part, like, eyeliner, because it might mess up while your sweating.)
4th- HAIR BOW ( it’s the checkered one, i also have blue one, but in this case i brought with me my checkered black and white. i used to bring hairbow or hair ties because i go to the gym and i even tie my hair while im inside the classroom because my hair gets messy All The Time!)
5th- BOOKS AND BINDERS ( if only you could fully see my Binder how big it is, you’ll gonna shout at me, hahaha, because seriously when my Mom saw me having it inside my bag she was like ‘what the hell is wrong with my daughter?!’ well i just have to laugh too ofcourse, there’s nothing much to write but i just feel like writing so i think and i assumed i really need a big Notebook for that. hahahahaha)
6th- COSMETICS (i have my maybelline, baby lips, haiku white powder, eyeliner and perfume on the little pocket inside, it’s like my essentials, i just really have to bring it with me because it’s like my vitamins, i just had to, lol)

-feel free to spread this link, or the photo or anything, and feel free to READ AND COMMENT BELOW! :))) –

hope to talk to you in video format, im still figuring it out, it’s complicated just to type and type šŸ™‚ but it’s ok, thats how a blogger do šŸ™‚


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