16 books to read before hitting the Big Screen!

16 books to read before hitting the Big Screen!

This is the Site where i usually gets information about the best-selling books EVER! and now, they’re about to hit Big Screen this 2014 and i think it’s very exciting. i read the Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, it’s not quite that interesting but i think it’d be cool if i’ll see it on big screen.

the ‘wild’ is i think more interesting to read about because it’s i think super duper exciting, and it’s more of psycho movie, or psycho bookΒ  i guess? i just think of it like that, i just assumed, but i just wish it is, Can’t wait to see the Film and also to read the book.

and another movie to come by, jennifer lawrence and bradley cooper! wowww.. since the Silver Linings Playbook is super duper Big Hit, i think the chemistry between them did improved to the highest level, here comes another movie to watch πŸ™‚

it’s so sad to say that there are no dates being written about when it’s going to hit Big screen, but i am willing to wait, are you??


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