Carrie 2013 (review)

i watched this movie last night, and Yes, its great! i absolutely recommend this to you guys and i really adore the director, the film was extra powerful! Wow!. πŸ™‚
i actually read the first 3 chapters of the original book, but i just had to stop, because the words were too deep i feel like im doing a lot of brainstorming im just so hooked up. so i decided to just watch it instead, it’s more easier right. LoL.
but anywayss, this movie is a Must-see because everyone did great, they deserve to be watched and adored. and the last thing i wanted you to know is that, about Tommy! he is so cute, and i just like the way he did to carrie for the sake of her girfriend. i just can’t accept the fact the has to die on the very end. *sigh* on that. but oh well, i can search him on google instead. hahaha πŸ˜€ ^FUN^ πŸ™‚

sorry if i make Reviews so Late. it’s so annoying i know. Sorry


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