the Spectacular Now (review)

I knew it! The movie is based on a novel! I know somehow it was! πŸ™‚ great!
The movie is must-watch to start on 2014. the story was amazing, it’s all about Love ofcourse, Love of Family, Love for a friend, Love for someone you like,
Everything was simply awesome.
I never thought this guy could make movie like this, I mean, the main character, I first saw him in 21 and over, it’s a very funny movie I think I did a review of it, but this movie is epic. You couldn’t just think of anything else while watching this, all you could think about is the screen and the story your staring at. At first, I thought the story would just evolve about the boy and the girl, but it’s not which made the Film Epic and Unique.
But I think, this is just a comment, I think it would be nice If the writer explains the story about boy’s mom and dad, what’s the real score about them before, I know it should be real non sense, but whatever I just think it would be really cool.
The Full comment I could give to every character is that, they did well portraying such characters, I expect myself to cry but I didn’t, instead I smiled, haha, how rude is that. But anyways, I think this will be the first movie I ever reviewed for the year 2014. which made everything Amazing πŸ˜€


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