what are the things that can make me Hate You?

First Thing: i hate it when people is so negative with their lives, like “what the hell is wrong with you?”. i just hate it, that Thing can make me feel awkward.

2nd Thing: is when you want to say something to me, but you just got crashed, so you have chosen to backstab me rather than telling it on my face. oh em gee, that person deserves to die. i would rather know the truth because i accept all the negatives. duuh. 🙂

3rd thing: when people is so annoying. 

4th thing: when that person is overreacting.

5ht thing: people being so stupid that they have to tell me a joke scene and they laugh on their own joke, and i was like “ha-ha” i think its ridiculous, its not even funnyyy.. :\

6th thing: when they begin to act like they were really beautiful, they were like handsome, they think they are cool, they think they’re funny but they AREN’T! the fuck is wrong? right?

7th thing: when they talk a lot of non sense. your a normal human but then you talk non sense turns out to be “abnormal” i guess.

8th thing: people who doesn’t have sense of humor,

9th thing: people who always criticize everybody, but then she doesn’t even look or sounds great. 

10th thing: too much socializing it makes me puke. ;\


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