Did i just STALKED this guy for like a year already???

Did i just STALKED this guy for like a year already???

I AM NOT A MAJOR STALKER, or im just denying it to myself?
im gonna tell you something, well this really embarass me to open up this kind of thing but i seriously doesn’t want to sound like “abnormal” but i did stalked someone UNCONSCIOUSLY!

Q1: “is that possible?”- well i guess yeah? i just did it, unconsciously stalking someone is like a bit of funny, because you never know what your doing, you enjoy watching his moves, you enjoy knowing more about him/her, you enjoy opening his/her facebook account and just stare at their albums, like “what were the latest”. you know.

Q2: “is it bad stalking someone?”- well for other reasons, i guess its yeah. but there are some aspects in doing it, like, for a positive reason, like you stalk one direction, you stalk justin bieber, you stalk miley cyrus, etc. its like you just idolize them, or something.

Q3: “is that a sickness?”- Being Stalked, NO. being the stalker, i guess im not quite sure about it, i haven’t read so much about it yet, in book or on the internet but maybe scientists or some very intellegent humans out there are still trying to figure it out.

Q4: “why would a stalker exist? for what reason?”- Put the blame to the Persons who were being stalked. Duuh. this stalkers won’t stalk if they didn’t look so flirty or so interesting or something Special, its Logic. 🙂

Q5: “have you ever been stalked?”- personally, Not…Yet! LoL, Joke! i dont want to get stalked or anything, i love my private life, as far as im concerned, i really have to stick to the word “PRIVATE” before it got lost.

Q6: “what are some risk of being a stalker”- being KILLED. this is so normal!! i mean, its either the one who were being stalked or the stalker himself can die when the stalker is so addictive too much that he can’t control itself anymore, just like a disorder called “obsessive compulsive disorder” which means you’re very obsessed of doing that thing, which is very unhealthy to you and the people that surrounds you. Big Example for this is the Death of John Lennon, he was killed by a FAN, which was believed stalked him everyday, and this guy got some mind problems, like you know psychological.

Q7: “so you’re saying that Stalkers are psychologically Sick?”- some are but some are not. they just being pushed by this urge inside them to take a look, just a glimpse of they’re idol. but just try to control yourself.

—-end of conversation—-

People. just be like other people, be normal, just go with the flow, because life is nothing but a dream 🙂 okiie??

instagram: clarissegallardo


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