The Internship (Review)

Everything was like epic! Wow! So that’s how it feels like to work on GOOGLE! Wow! It’s really great I just feel so inspired. πŸ™‚
Anyways, well yes I watched this movie, if you watched the trailer obviously you’ll know what will happen, and I seriously loving it!
I never thought this movie will give me such impact that I couldn’t even revive the last time I feel it.
Being geek, being weird, being stupid-looking is not a main issue, duuh, you can succeed on your very own way. Like in this movie you’ll get inspired. I didn’t know about HTML or whatever they’re talking about just like mcmahon and campbell but I know how to talk and especially I know how to listen that’s why I know how to Blog, I am Blogging right now.
For those people out there who doesn’t think of themselves worthy enough because they act weird, they feel stupid, they feel unimportant, well then, I recommend this movie to you and let me tell you something, you don’t live for fucking assholes, you live for your own benefit, I know you know something and I know your great inside, Just Lift your spirit Up, take a one last shot of look to those assholes and say to yourself “your going to beg for my stupidity and weirdness someday, assholes”. Chins up people!

I hate Graham! He’s cute but….. I’d rather choose Bill πŸ˜›

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