Baby Lips Obsession and Impression (Requested)

Baby Lips Obsession and Impression (Requested)

yeap! i dont know how my introduction should go but… Yeap, im a maybelline fan especially their New York essential, and to be specific, THESE! i so love Baby Lips, i have 6 of them as of now, and im trying to purchase every baby lips i see. i wanted to enumerate them to you, so i have:
*2 ROSE ADDICTS- the first one i bought for myself, and i just wanna try baby lips because they have cute packaging until im very impressed by it, so i asked my mom to buy me another one, the same flavor.
*BABY LIPS GLOW- i thought it did glow really. like glowy pinkish but m kind of dissapointed because it doesnt really glow, but it gives you this shiny bit of color, so i think that’s their purpose already. and when you open it, it’s color is white, i just dont know why, i think they’re kidding me, LoL
*NEON ROSE- if i were to rate this tint i will give it 100% man! it was a total major glow to my lips, its like the best Tint of baby lips so far. it does gives your lips a darkish pinky color.
*TANGERINE POP- this color is a click because its orange and it looks a bit like your making a fun out of yourself, it’s cool and trendy i guess. lol
*PINK LOLITA- i will give this tint 99.9%! its really great, it has this brighty pinky glow tint which is good when you usually spend your time under the sun, it does have like glittery look on your lips. but luckily no one beats Neon Rose because so far, i like neons too 🙂

So that’s it! i think this is a kind of review of baby lips, but i dont know, im just telling you guys my impressions. haha. anyway, i just wanted you to know that i live in philippines and we have differemt packaging of baby lips compared to U.S. baby lips. i dont know why, but i think i would love the U.S packaging cos its cooler! and i wish i have electro baby lips but im so sad because its limited edition only and i haven’t seen it in some drugstores i have gone to.
-If you want me to do a Video of these or Anything else just comment Below so that i’ll know,


instagram: clarissegallardo


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