Scary Nightmares I Encountered

Scary Nightmares I Encountered

Last night was pretty mess up. i was having this bad dreams for almost 2 consecutive nights already i was feeling terrible as i woke up. it saddens me and doesn’t boost my positive emotions just like what i usually do everytime i wake up.
but anyways i wanna tell you something about my dream which i really couldn’t forget and still i wanna cry everytime i think about it.
**the story/dream begun when me and my highschool friends having this reunion party at a restaurant and we were having fun, we were like dancing and drinking trying to be comfortable with what we do and suddenly i just feel like i need to go home and im just starting to feel Sad which is i really dont know why i feel like it but the feeling was really terrible, so my bestfriend have to take me home and its already almost midnight.
so as i enter the house, it was dark actually, and i found my college classmates drinking and talking and eating chips on our sala together with some of my cousins, and i was shocked that i feel tired but then i have to entertain them since they were my loved ones.
and out of nowhere the sight became dark and i dont know how or why but dreams are magical you know. the next scene is that we were outside the house when our neighbor started screaming “the lucrative guy is killing someone tonight! better locked yourselves inside your house!” and then there was this guy, who opened the gate of our house and we heard that ‘lucrative guy’ approaching our house so we began to hide and we got seperated and i feel a bit hopeless and restless and then me and my 2 college friends hid behind a broken car (i dont know who’s car is that but its inside our garrage)and then the guy was approaching on our hiding place when my other friend shouted and she got smacked by an ax and my friend died, but luckily he didn’t see us, i was terribly stopping myself from shouting and crying when my other friend stood up and i was trying to stop her silently when FINALLY I WOKE UP!**
my heart was on a very fast track as i sit on my bed. i can’t imagine that, i was very thankful its just a dream, i dont know what it means but i feel so afraid, especially that guy looks really scary, i dont want my friends to die because of me, :((


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