Sybil (a psycho movie)

THIS IS MUST WATCH! how on earth did i forgot to share this to you guys, well i have watched this movie just this morning and i seriously Like it!
its about a girl named Sybil Dorsett, well the its a true story and she got this multiple disorders which is now called Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID. she have this 16 personality disorders inside her, where she first believed she was possessed by a demon or whatever. but then she found this very supportive and helpful Psychiatrist to help her get back to her original self.
to make things a little bit easier, here’s the 16 disorders she got:
“Sybil had 16 personalities. There names were as follows:
* Sybil Isabel Dorsett (1923): a depleted person; the waking self.
* Victoria Antoinette Scharleau (1926): nicknamed Vicky; a self-assured, sophisticated, attractive blonde; the memory trace of Sybil’s selves.
* Peggy Lou Baldwin (1926): an assertive, enthusiastic, and often angry pixie with a pug nose, a Dutch haircut, and a mischievous smile.
* Peggy Ann Baldwin (1926): a counterpart of Peggy Lou with similar physical characteristics; she is more often fearful than angry.
* Mary Lucinda Saunders Dorsett (1933): a thoughtful, contemplative, maternal, homeloving person; she is plump and has long dark-brown hair parted on the side.
* Marcia Lynn Dorsett (1927): last name sometimes Baldwin; a writer and painter; extremely emotional; she has a shield-shaped face, gray eyes, and brown hair parted on the side.
* Vanessa Gail Dorsett (1935): intensely dramatic and extremely attractive; a tall redhead with a willowy figure, light brown eyes, and an expressive oval face.
* Mike Dorsett (1928): one of Sybil’s two male selves; a builder and a carpenter, he has olive skin, dark hair, and brown eyes.
* Sid Dorsett (1928): one of Sybil’s two male selves; a carpenter and a general handyman; he has fair skin, dark hair, and blue eyes.
* Nancy Lou Ann Baldwin (date undetermined): interested in politics as fulfillment of biblical prophecy and intensely afraid of Roman Catholics; fey; her physical characteristics resemble those of the Peggys.
* Sybil Ann Dorsett (1928): listless to the point of neurasthenia; pale and timid with ash-blonde hair, an oval face, and a straight nose.
* Ruthie Dorsett (date undetermined): a baby; one of the lesser developed selves.
* Clara Dorsett (date undetermined): intensely religious; highly critical of the waking Sybil.
* Helen Dorsett (1929): intensely afraid but determined to achieve fulfillment; she has light brown hair, hazel eyes, a straight nose, and thin lips.
* Marjorie Dorsett (1928): serene, vivacious, and quick to laugh; a tease; a small, willowy brunette with fair skin and a pug nose.
* The Blonde (1946): nameless; a perpetual teenager; has blonde curly hair and a lilting voice.”

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