Shopaholic takes to Manhattan (half review)

i know im years late for reading this book, but im sorry, i’ve just discovered the book, and im loving it right now, im halfway finishing it, and i just downloaded it so it means im reading it using my Kobo VOx eReader with the use of my Kindle App (i know its awkward) but yeah, it was fun and great.Ā 

i haven’t finished it yet but i was absolutely obsessed of finishing it, and i just can’t wait to read the last page. so far, its so refreshing and very addictive, its like a drug to me, you know how much books can be addictive to me. šŸ˜€

but anyways, for those who have read this, comment below for sure we can talk something about it, like Girl Talk,

and for those who haven’t yet, oh my gosh, its very urgent you gotta have these.Ā 

Ciao people. šŸ˜€


Instagram: clarissegallardo


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