PhotoLife117 (Workoutish)

PhotoLife117 (Workoutish)

yes! first sweat together with my Lady Pink Dumbell and just that. well, its my very first time to workout inside our house, and i never thought i could get this sweaty everrr!
this photo was taken just this morning, and i was really shocked by the results of it, just my dumbells,
hey guys, if you want me to share something about what i did to be this sweaty just using one dumbell, i would, just comment below for requests and i i swear to heavenly earth, i’ll answer all the requests, and answer all the questions πŸ˜€
Don’t hesitate to like and to comment below πŸ˜€ you know i comment back πŸ™‚

no filter applied on this photo, this is all natural πŸ˜€
haters will hate then πŸ˜€ mwua.

instagram: clarissegallardo


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