i watched this movie last night (friday the 13th) with my Brother and the movie was Hell Scarrryyy!!! i admit it, i super duper admit it that this movie is much more scary and suspense than the COnjuring (in my opinion).
In this Chapter you will know what is it really about in insidious 1, the sequel is super dooper addictive that i’ve got hardships on sleeping last night that i have to watch the last episode of “the carrie diaries” just to forget what ive seen.
but anyways, this movie is on my must-watch list, and i beg you to watch it (if you haven’t watched it yet), its super dooper cool to talk about it!
and if you have watched it already, OH MY GODDD! COMMENT BELOW, BECAUSE WERE GONNA TALK ABOUT IT!!!!!! HAHAHA

Instagram: clarissegallardo


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