Coleen’s sister got in a car accident.!!

Coleen Ballinger a.k.a Miranda Sings was in a deep trouble right now. well not a trouble but i more of Miracle, as you can see in the video (if you have watched it) her sister got in a car accident but miraculously alive after the very dangerous accident.
behind of all the smiles and jokes and laughters and red bold lipstick of miranda sings, you can see in this video how strong woman she is and how brave she is to cry in the front of camera (which most of the famous people dont).
i was touched and i was holding back my tears when she said “group hug your family” because as all you know or some of you know that i am not with my parents because they have to work very very far away somewhere in Canada. πŸ˜€ but im good with it i understand.
well anyway, coleen made it to the top, what a very tough woman out there, when i grew up just like her age, i wanna be as tough as her. πŸ˜€
we love you. a BIG BIG FAN right here!


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