PhotoLife 103

PhotoLife 103

i got some booty ache and arm ache, like all the pain is in me. its Sunday, and im welcoming DECEMBER 1,2013 with too much Pain. 😀 thats epic.
by the freaking ways, my 2 days without photolife is okayy. supper okaay that i was able to go to the gym without PhotoLifeing and i feel sorry for it. but anyways, i can see the progress now that i was trying to be healthy in some kind of way. i have to remove all the MEAT, CHIPS and EVERYTHING THAT IS UNHEALTHY and have to eat apples everday!
but then, i know ill get over it Somehow, so ill just stick to what i promised and be healthy!
ciao people! have the greatest weekend everrr. CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!!


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