The Ole good-byes.

my parents will leave again tomorrow, they’re going back to canada and they’ll stay there for years, i dont know when they’ll get back here again, but  i assumed it would take 3-4 years. i just think of it as them having outside the country seminars, you know its hard to let go but sometimes, you just really have to. i keep telling to myself that i suppose to get used to this, since ive been self dependent for almost 5 years, and i think thats enough to prove that im old enough for crying. LoL.

Nothing! this is nothing! im just trying to get rid of this sad feeling, the happiness, the worry, all feelings, it was mixed deep inside me that i dont know what to do. i know this isn’t the last, we will see each other again and if that time arrives, we will never get seperated again, i just hope it’ll happen. 😦

i dont wanna cry. i’ve been crying this past few nights trying to drop all my shitty emotions. i just wish them a very safe and happy trip! i know were no longer in the 80’s days, we can have chat and skype and facebook video calling and we should do it from the time they’ll arrive there.

awwww… i hate this feeling, i think i’ll just have to say BLah Blah BLAh. 😀

Keep Smiling World! drrrr


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