“i spit on your grave” …. what was that???!

My nerves is Shaking!!! this is a 2010 movie but i just watched it, i heard a lot about this movie and their are few people who keep on telling me to watch it. and now, i didnt regret.
maybe the Rapers did regret what they did and they deserve to get killed you know.
i wanted the way the Sheriff got killed and Johnny too, its epic.
the thing is, we may never know, this can happen in real life. Tell me how many Rapers and Rape victim are their, and how many victims have justice in their hands now??
if i were to judge Jennifer hills case, i wont put her to prison, those boys must pay, and lemme tell you, Thanks for Jennifer, Thanks for killing guys who doesnt deserve to Live.
Damn you Sheriff, even police cant be trusted, and i hate knowing it. They should be the ones helping, not helping tolerate their criminal minds.
*the Sheriff has daughter and wife, he doesnt even think of them when he raped Jennifer, what if that thing happened to his wife or daughter? doesn’t he care??
What do you think people?
Praise to the writer and Director and everyone who Did their best, you’re the mirror to the rape-case issues πŸ™‚

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