Must-Haves Before i leave home online TAG GAME

Must-Haves Before i leave home online TAG GAME

Hey, just sharing a bit of what are the most common things i bring with me everytime i live the house…first one is, SAMSUNG GRAND PHONE, i cant live with that thing, seriously! HAHA, i go to worpdress without bringing my laptop with me, and also to contact and communicate with my beloved friends πŸ™‚
the second thing is… BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK, my dad actually bought it for me (like i cant buy my own gadgets yet, im still a student) and i love it because i can play Games on the go, and its my personal notebook, i have this app on it like Notebook.
The Third is… HEADPHONES/EARPHONES, thats the sign that imma LONER sometimes, but i seriously love music, thats also my tool whenever i dont like listening or i get bored in class, very usual. HAHA.
and tha LASt, i have my NERDS WONKA CANDY. Yeap, im an addict, addict for willy wonka and his candies. i sound like a child but i mean it. i can eat 2-3 boxes a day like imma candy machine πŸ™‚
So thats it… i wanna share and tag this to my FOLLOWERS!
pls. do your own must have BLOG or VLOG and let me see em πŸ˜‰
and together lets laugh and share interest WORLDWIDE!!

instagram: clarissegallardo
twitter: clarblissgala
facebook: (my name’s risse gallardo there)


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