Wrecking Ball and the Wrecking SingerrRr???

so this heats up the latest chart in the music industry.
everyone is talking about this girl, hannah montanna a.k.a Miley Cyrus.
well, for me, she’s still the miley we all know. maybe she’s kindda upgraded or whatever which i think is best for her.
we react like this because were not used of seeing miley like this, riding in a big ball naked, oh wow, i think thats more cooler though.
guys, come on, try to understand, Her Family accepted her, then, who are we to not accept her??
we just get so judgemental this time, we dont own Miley, we are just someone who are maybe concerned for her, or somehow a stranger. we dont know her story, soo plssss, judgemental people, Back it Off 😀


2 thoughts on “Wrecking Ball and the Wrecking SingerrRr???

  1. Ya, I totally understadn where you’re coming from. People are giving her so much crap for this video, but she’s naked to show how she feels exposed, it’s called wrecking ball because Liam basically “came in like a wrecking ball” on there relationship, and she makes out with the sludge hammer to show she still loves pain. I honestly think it’s a very creative way to get the point across and those who can’t see this, should think before they speak.

    • Thank you for Noticing my Blog, i just wanna seriously show how people react on this.
      they really dont understand anything even a single thing about how miley feels about being judged. actually i have met a lot of people and they seriously react positively about “Wrecking Ball”
      its what artist like miley cyrus would call “ART OF LIVING” (in case others didnt know that) @agdaggett7

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