Things You Should Know About Me (Q&A)

Things You Should Know About Me (Q&A)

Currently, I have 4 Accounts which consist of super dooper Kind and Lovely Followers and they wanted me to do This… this Q&A Portion. Hahaha.
I think this is Fun, so I tried it. There are so many Questions flooded on my Private message Box and im loving the way it does. Anyways, lets just get everything started.
(For Safety and Privacy… I was super dooper not allowed to expose the names of those who sent me some very good questions 🙂

*when did you started blogging?
– I started blogging when Im only 15. my first account was Multiply and Blogspot. But as time goes by, I find it really boring because on that time, people my age were not yet exposed to internet interaction. 😀

*who are/is your favorite band??
-im currently loving Imagine Dragons and Paramore. Too bad havent been in one of their concerts. I don’t know why, maybe because were not that meant to be 😀 lol

*do you love talking a lot?
-it depends, I just love blogging, that’s probably it. (Non Sense,sorry 🙂

*have you been inlove?
-now this Question is totally killing me. Anyway, Yes, I have been inlove before, but apparently, after those months we’ve been dating (Dating, because we havent “defined the relationship”) we decided to separate ways because college is coming and we have to focus. If you’ll ask me where is he now, well, Don’t shout. He’s Gay now. Yes, im serious. 🙂

*What made you choose Psychology as your major?
-because I love being in this field. Im not just a Psychology major, im also a human who’s trying to think beyond humans think they could. Im still trying to prove something to myself, and I think Psychology may help me, in what way? I don’t know yet, maybe I’ll figure it out when the right time comes.

*you’ve got singing videos before in youtube. So, where was it now? I cant totally find it.
-I deleted my account. Well, im planning to open another account though. I’ll let you know, 😀

*who’s your inspiration?
-God, my family, my Parents. They were just there everytime I needed someone. They were like my comfort zone. You know. 😀

THAT’S IT! This is just nothing, just posting what I have to post, lol. This is just for fun, don’t be serious much, even the most Serious Person Laughs, so stop criticizing, Kid. 😀 I just Love Being Loved. 😛
Thanks for making such an effort, I owe you one. Kisses and Everything People, Just Keep On Posting and Let me FOLLOW you 🙂

@instagram: Clarissegallardo
@twitter: Clarblissgala


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