i know what you did last summer (1997)

I have watched this days ago, and I just cant believe what u have just watched. Its like this is why I love Mystery. I keep on thinking about this every noght and wonder if this scenery really exist.
Well after all, its not really their fault in the first place, they were just teenagers who were tired of having fun and find their way home. But I cant understand why Will Benson whould be angry that much. Though, its not Jamie who wanted to throw him in the water, its her friends.
What can I say about jamie?
Well, she’s a brave person. While watching that movie, it made me feel scared because of her. The movie affects me that much because of her. She’s a very good actress and hopes she’s still existing in the hollywood today.
Have you ever think that Will Benson is the killer?
Not at all. This is why it made me praise the writer of the story because he/she really made a good job, for scaring people and for making the story really thrilling and mysterious. Well, at first I thought its Jamie who was just having a psychopathetic dreaming which forced her to kill her friends, and she’s just imagining because eversince the accident happened, she’s the only one who can’t move on. So I though this is just one of those psycho movies I watch, but its not. Indeed this is classic!

Well, I have made my words pressed now about this thrilling movie. Join me, And Lets talk about this. Comment Below πŸ˜€


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