The Omegle Kid

when im bored, i always go this chat messaging browser (Omegle) where you can meet random people and you can talk to them. i have met this stranger (i wasnt able to get his name) but he told me that he got a twin and a sister and they were seperated from each other because they only live in a foster home. he’s only 10 years old and he’s quite smart but he is sad and depress for what happened about his family.

his mom and dad got seperated and since then, he heard nothing from his mom. their dad were always drunk which is the reason to beat them up almost every night. it sounds harsh and i feel pity for the kid. i cant see him that day since were just talking through chat, but i can feel the sadness. he also told me that the foster home once called his mom and asked if she is interested to get the children so that they could be together but then the mother refused to have them back again.

the fact is, i thought this scenery only exist in movies, well, i never thought that even in chatboxes, there will always be chidren or teenagers going there to release their emotions or probably their defense mechanism. but in the end, i was able to let him know that he is special, that no matter what happens, life is short, we have to forget something and that something should be thrown away. too bad he got a very irresponsible parents, he so doesn’t deserve it.Β 


2 thoughts on “The Omegle Kid

  1. Richard Tugger says:

    Thats a sad story, I think. Omegle can also be a place to find funny people like Pervert Pete! He makes videos of his chats on Omegle then uploads them to his Youtube channel. Just search for ‘Pervert Pete’ on youtube, hes funny ass hell!

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