the 18????


Shut the Fuck out of you people who plans stupid things on my birthday!

I don’t dream having this 18 dance or 18 roses, gosh, I might look like a dumb if I’ll do that, just like other girls, I don’t want to look stupid on my birthday.

Well, its my dad who plans everything for my birthday, and everybody does their own suggestions and everything, but I don’t like them to. This is what I hate about parties! What I want is just a simple drink and sleep and eat and school and fun and laughs forgets that its my birthday! I think that’s what a normal-getting-older-girl should do. I don’t have to let everybody know that im old and im 18!!! Can you imagine that? Im 18 and im still Nothing.

I don’t have to let my Dad spend thousand of dollars just to make Dinner to bunch of assholes who don’t even show up whenever I needed them, they only show up if theres food and money around. Im not fool especially im not an asshole!

They always try to make parties and Fun, and duuh???

I just hate birthdays. Especially this. And by this, I mean “non sense” this whole Debut thing is non sense! Why do girls always have to celebrate 18th birthday?? Because finally you can go to jail?? Because finally you’re an adult?? Yeah Right! It’s a lot more worse than having a psychology and zoology subject. Believe me. Its all worst!!! Your 18 and your finally growing up and yes I know im not that stupid. I just don’t want to do anything on my birthday I don’t want it to be that great!

Im so pissed with my mom that she have to tell me that we don’t have money left, then why keep on doing this whole plan situation. I hate all the FuckerS!!! They were so unpredictable, they said what??? Now it just made me cry. *sigh


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