Movies and Books to Cry On

We all have Different Personalities. Some people can cry easily over little things, some have a cold-stone heart meaning it takes forever to make you cry, in my case, im in the middle part (if that make sense), It takes awhile before you can make me tear-up. But, this Movies and Books was a tear-jerker that made me felt sad next thing I know, im tearing my eyeballs out!!



This movie really made me cry like a baby! most especially the part when her dad died, everything made sense, everything just turned into something. I was tearing up to the fact that she used to hate her dad for not staying in the Family since the separation. it’s quite a bit unbelievable sometimes how movies can make you feel dumb for not knowing what to happen next.





You’re a Liar if you say you didn’t atleast tear up in one of the scenes in this movie. As a Kid, watching this cartoon movie is fun and exciting, it is filled with animals in the jungle, you learn the different kinds of animals in their. But if you watch it as an Adult, the feelings and the experience is totally different, you realize the true essence and the true meaning of a fathers sacrifice for his kids and also the weird thing is the part when The King died to save his son and you started tearing up, that’s how you know you’re growing up. it’s crazy because this animals that we used to memorize their names when we were kids, are the animals who will teach us the meaning of Hakuna Matata as an Adult.


This one is a Korean Movie, and im telling you, I have never seen such kid who acts like that!! it was really one of the best foreign movies I have ever watched, the whole point of the movie touched my heart. Usually when we say Korean or Chinese movies, the first thing that pops up from our brain is “shaolin” or anything magical from ancient dynasty, but this one is different. Talk about Comedy, drama, love story, all together pact in one movie, geez, I don’t even know how I survived watching this movie without my heart saying “hey, mind going for a little break?”.





After reading ‘The Fault in our Stars’ by the same author, I thought to myself, ‘this author might have other stories to impress me’, I googled, and found out about this book, I would admit, I am not impressed by the title, it is not the kind of catchy title, but I swear to all the angels, I felt something good about this book. I was reading it for a week and all my doubts and all my cons about it disappeared. On the better side, i Cried. yeap. you read it right, folks! i didn’t expect the way the events turned, and i don’t even know what to expect in the first place anyways. and i said to myself ‘john green proved you huh’.


ujykfI can remember when this movie first came out. I can’t forget the soundtrack and some few important and memorable scenes. But when i read its book, (here we go again) i Cried! i didn’t cry watching the movie, i don’t know why, my cousins does everytime we watch it. maybe because books are different from movies, although they may have the same plot and the same point of the story but you know sometimes when moviemakers changes some little things. i cried when she walk in the isle on a wheelchair, she still did it even if she almost felt like dying. what can i say about this book? SPEECHLESS. i don’t blame myself if i didn’t do a book review of this awhile ago, it is hard to talk about something that hit you harder. Bookworms out there, im calling your name out, this is true, right??



This one didn’t turned out fairly, but the story, AGAIN MADE ME CRY! if you have read the book review i made about this few years ago (which is not that clear, and i apologize for a very lack of sense) you would know how im so into the story, not just it, but the two people themselves. i felt like im in the story, im inside the book with them, i felt like  was definitely in the state where i would collapse everytime the Climax of the story happens. oh geez, i am so into this books, sometimes it feels so dangerous.



Women: Courage and Faith

As I was randomly scrolling down my facebook account the other night, I bumped into this Video of Emma Murphy. She was abused by her Husband and Apparently cheated on her not once, but Twice. I am not writing this article to rant about her situation or to talk about what if’s and not’s, I decided to turn up this whole idea because I am a Woman, there’s women around the world who have daughters, nieces, and the issue and cases of Violence on Women and Children is Spreading like crazy!

When we say Violence, it talks about physical and emotional abuse. Does women deserve this? why does men keeps on doing it to some women? if they aren’t happy with the way the relationship goes, why can’t they just leave? there are lots of questions in my mind roaming around, and I still keep on looking for answers but it seems like I can’t find any. Sometimes, I want to sit down and talk to the men who abused there women and just ask them why to answer the questions I have inside me, but it will never happen.

I feel bad knowing that also in a situation like Emma’s, it is not her that is just being hurt, they have kids, she have kids, a one-year-old kid may never understand but she/he can still see. do you know how it feels like to see your kid looking at you while your husband is hitting you? its worth a lot of Pain. if the Marriage is the first issue in the first place, why can’t just try to fix it? does sleeping with other women makes everything okay? if not, then why do you keep on doing it? you can’t have everything in life. the greediness and the selfishness of a person gives him the reason to make himself feel capable of doing anything, which is not what it should be.

Women are not weak. Women are not just a thing that you can use whenever you want. We have feelings, there will always be a woman behind every man, whether its your common law, your wife, your mother, your aunt or your grandma. Women are meant to be loved, so if you as a Man can’t do that, ask a kid, maybe they know better than you.

Chronicles of Shredding Pounds (Entry #1)

IMG_5581[1]As a Person who weighs 198 lbs. at the age of 21 it is hard to not get conscious at all times. The average weight of a 21-year-old is only supposed to be 145 lbs. but im 53 lbs. more and it is not normal, you already call it overweight. As a Lady, who always get judged by the way we look, it is hard to be in the public sometimes, I know we shouldn’t be defined by how our physical appearances looks like, but the society is way more cruel than you thought. I have been trying to improve my Self for the past years and I am not really doing well, I have lost few pounds last summer, I worked out everyday for 2 months and I kept track of what I eat, but then camping season took over, and I totally lose track of everything and I came back to none, back to zero, I gained what I’ve lost and I am disappointed with the outcome.

This year, I told myself that I should be better, loose myself from the pressure that society was trying to lead me on. I will try to go back to the usual routine that I used to have, but this time, the goal is to go farther than 2 months, I want to be healthy and make it as a habbit.  I am going to change myself for the better, not because for the purpose of i wanted to get judged in a good way but because I want to feel better with myself, I want to walk comfortably without being drowned by the thought of other people’s words. if there is somebody who is going to define myself, that should be me, I am incharge of me, and I am responsible of my own decisions.



Last Letter From Your Lover (Part 2) |Book Review

IMG_5572“Letters from Juliet and The Notebook Mash up”.

This are exactly what you’ll feel if you read this book. For the second time Jojo Moyes played with my feelings again! The last two parts of the book are actually about the aftermath, how the life of a cheating wife continues, it is literally how it went. And then years ago, 4 decades have past, still the Love and Faithfulness is still there. I couldn’t contain myself from the fact that True Love exists since 1960.

Love is always worth the wait, no matter how old you’ll get, whether in sickness or in health, it will always find a way. It’s crazy how the author brought me from the 1960’s era to the generation i am in, i love the shifting of the story, i love how it has been done without making it feel strange and uncomfortable as a reader. Honestly, there might be some parts that i find boring but there is something about it that will make you curious of the situation that you’ll get the urge of finishing it.

This Book is a Must-read!!

Feel the Love, the True Love, from our Grandparents time until today.


The Vow |Movie Review


it is never too late to realize your worth in a relationship. Love lasts a Lifetime, it will never fades, the feeling will never go away, unless your heart desires to.

this kind of movies always leaves me speechless everytime!! the Love story itself really does amazes me, its not about the characters who played the role, but the love story, Just Wow. its the kind of story you wont even think it exist, it is phenomenal, different, and it fits the young and the adults.

Moving on to the characters, I couldn’t think of any word that would describe the best of how they portrayed every roles. But ofcourse, expect the extraordinary from Rachel Mcadams who have caught my heart since the movie “The Notebook”, yes, not the Mean Girls, and Channing Tatum, like seriously, that jaw? irresistible! Their acting, the scenes, perfect, I have seen everything that I have imagined before watching this movie, tho im like few years late, but its better that than never.



The Best of 3 Years!! |Teenhabitat


A year and a half ago, i met this Lady from a random party i went to with my friends neighbors. It is just like a chill party, there’s the fire, the unknown faces and the country music, it just all went so great. I was pretty much comfortable talking to everybody there because they are nice enough to welcome us to this party that we aren’t even invited, so this lady was so nice that we were talking about what we were doing in life at the moment then she mentioned that she’s moving soon because of her work which is Blogging, to my excitement, i told her that i do blogging too, she told me “please, dont stop blogging until you’ve reached that one thing”… And here i am today, Counting 3 years and more.


I have never felt more happy in my blogging life, well probably except that year 2013 where i had 67 views in a day. To me, every little thing, every tiny accomplishments are worth the celebration, if you are my Reader since then, you would’ve been reading my articles about “announcements” and all the thank you’s i’ve been writing everytime i reached a certain number of followers. I love the attention and support that my readers gives to me, thats why even if there’s a lot of times that i felt giving up and just deactivating my blog site, i just think of the people i might disappoint. Mainly, i wouldn’t be in this another high step of my blogging life without my followers, I Salute you!



Thank you for supporting the almost 150 movie reviews and 55 book reviews that i did. Thank you for not complaining about my random thoughts and the Kitchen Confessions! Expect some more craziness and more movie reviews every week and book reviews and also im open now for Blog Challenges and Guest Post Collaboration!! To my Growing family of Readers, please enjoy the newly improved


How does Blogging changed my Life?

hnfg.pngThey said, to be happy, it means so much effort and so much struggles, I didn’t. it only took me a Laptop and a Random thought to have it. I am happy by writing articles, I am glad that I get a lot of attention and criticizes about it. I know some part of me changed for better since I’ve decided to join Blogging, there may be Up’s and Down’s but everything is like a package deal already, it comes with everything. I have been doing Reviews almost every single movie that I watch and every single book that I read, and I never get tired of it, I like doing it and for me it is Pure Happiness.

MATURITY. I didn’t expect to get this trait thru writing articles. Everyday, you get to think single thing in life and you get the idea of writing about it, it’s not that simple, you have to be careful of your words that you use because you might hurt other people, you should not seek false statements, therefore you need proof, and also, stand to whatever you believe in. Maturity takes time to gain, so does Respect.

RESPONSIBILITY. when you are a blogger, whether you’re a professional or not, you still get responsibility. first of all, the Time Management. you always have to set up dates on when you are releasing the article, in my case, I have been trying to do it everyday, but with my other job, it wont work, so I have to think of something else that I know would work, and that is to do it every other day. it is you’re responsibility to check your stats, your analytics, and the medias that are associated to your blog.

THINK…A LOT. when you do Blogging, you always have to think straight about your topic, Everyday! and when I say topic, you have to think of something that would make sense, that is also to attract more readers. when I wasn’t blogging before, the only time I could think like this is during the exams week but now, I get to be responsible so I have to think about the articles every now and then or else i’ll lose the idea means I lose another article. you got to have your brain moving.

FRIENDS. personally, I would say this is the best part. yes, you get to meet friends. if you click the “discover” part, and type in anything that interests you, it’ll bring you to the articles that has been written around the world, and ofcourse you can talk to the admin (well it depends if they’d respond, most of the time they do). you get to know each other, and you get to share each others ideas, you never know, it might be a start for collaboration.

This are all based on experience, I am talking about how far have I gone since May 2013, the day I first sign up in wordpress. I would say it is so far so good. I enjoy the company that my followers gives to me, the support and the trust. I have learned so much, a bunch actually in just a span of 3 years, it is a pretty much a long years to think about but it seems like it was just last year when I had this blog.


Introvert Random Thoughts

IMG_1138I have a lot to do for this weekend. me and my cousins are having sleepover at my house and I can’t wait for it to be done. As an Introvert, you like being alone all the time, and it doesn’t bothers you. I like being alone so much that I do well, actually much better when I’m alone than I’m with someone else. I teach myself just good enough and I’m comfortable with it, some people thinks introverts are weird, us introverts thinks people that surrounds us thinks they’re normal when they’re not. it is easy to say “hey I think I’m an Introvert” and they think its fine to joke around about it, as a person who is like that, I am not comfortable hearing those kinds of words because it is insulting, what is wrong with being like that? just think of it this way, introverts are better in analyzing, because we keep ourselves away from the society, we keep ourselves away from a cruel reality, not because we’re scared, but mainly because we are dealing the reality almost everyday and we know how it feels.

i have never felt ashamed of my situation, as an Introvert i was being judged everyday, everybody are being judged because of their own way of living, but you know what, life is about surviving, that is your own life, live by the way you are most comfortable of, because people who says words about you doesn’t give a damn, they are not you. in short, live life to the fullest, nobody is incharge of your happiness but you.


When the Hermit talks to Society

UntitledI haven’t felt so left out in my whole 21 years of existence. I was thinking about this last night and I couldn’t fathom the idea that my decisions in life aren’t the same as the decisions people my age have. This definitely sounds weird, but I am serious.

I am talking about the Society. The way People my age acts this days compared to the 21-years-old during the 70’s and the 80’s or even before those times. This Generation is truly different, from the fashion until the very latest trend, it is crazy! realizing something that is sad is a strange feeling, especially if you meant the Society. it used to be one of the greatest gifts of life, but why do I feel like id rather live in the forest with some other creatures and animals than living in a more comfortable life with humans?!

16 y/o kids feel damn ashamed to admit when they are still virgin or when you are on that age and you haven’t experienced to be in a relationship since birth, you are a loser! what is wrong with being a virgin?? what is so uncool about it? the “unexperienced”??? well let me tell you, you are only 16 years old, you may or may not be excelling in your class, you have already sold yourself to a kid the same age as you and you call it cool?? what is so cool about it? I don’t understand!! and also, when you haven’t had relationship since birth, technically you are also Uncool??! what the Freak is wrong with that? is it a sin to find a one-guy-stick-to-one-matured kind of relationship? its better to have one loyal relationship than having different kinds of random ones and feeling bad over and over again everytime you end it. it is much more depressing than being single for so long and just waiting for the right one.

when you are 21 y/o and you don’t want to go to clubs or parties because you are prioritizing work the next day and they will call you “old lady”. first of all, there is nothing wrong with being an OLD LADY, every women in this world are going to end up on that age of life anyways, so what are you complaining about??! besides, the more you drink, the more Sagginess and wrinkles you get, so, who’s the old lady now? huh? and is it bad to prioritize work? I personally respect all the women, especially the ones who would avoid or refuse drinking sessions with friends because of work. it is just an indication that you are a responsible citizen and that you’re boss deserves to have you. I don’t have anything against people who does drink, I don’t care honestly, but its just that, mind your own business, if the person doesn’t wanna drink, let it loose, don’t step too much, if you think drinking everytime is cool, then believe in yourself, just don’t complain when you get fired to work, or when you have too many laundries to do later that day, or the most painful, when you realized you spent too much money, AGAIN.

doing drugs and booze makes you Cool and not doing it makes you look boring. like when did this ever happen?? why would people this days have such crappy heads? (IM SORRY!) “cool” word makes me feel pissed right now, for real. I know drug users uses it to be away from the pain of reality for just a little bit of time, most users get addicted to it, that’s why they are sent to rehab, they get tantrums, and they tend to think of stuff that aren’t acceptable anymore, but to some people, they do Drugs because it is “COOL”, which part??? to see you hold the bong and a lighter and take a selfie would make you look cool?? when did that happened??


there is so much wrong in the society but there is also a lot of good things. every day of my life, I try to think and find the good things, but as I am watching the news, and reading articles online, It keeps on sinking in my mind how Falseness sometimes gets in throne which  Good things used to sit on and I feel sad about it. society dictates us, puts label on us when its not supposed to. We should be acting like our age, this generation is so messed up that fixing it seems like an impossible thing to do. it is getting worst and worst, but still people choses to be ignorant. this is the time that sometimes, I wish I live in the retro or classic era, it is much peaceful during those times, it is when people work hard for the future and the future ruins itself.

Kitchen Confessions | Blank Space on Blank

I am terribly Blank this past few days. Did you ever had some days where your mind is just so blank and you just couldn’t think of anything,it is so blank!? Thats me when right now! Its crazy how brains work sometimes, but it only takes a little bit of focusing just like a camera lens when you are trying to point and shoot.

Its already August 14 here in the north of Canada, last night was my brothers Birthday Party and everybody was just having a good time. It was such a night worth remembering, we had Fire and food and drinks and talk. My cousins went to a Party last night but i decided to just stay, i am trying to avoid alcohol, i dont want to get saggy while im too young, its just not my thing anymore.

This article is too short!! My mind is just out of it. I am terrible today!!